About Us

Limousine Service is first and unique company that operates in Albania. Established on January 2016.

Our company possesses all relevant licenses and documentation under the relevant law for this category of service. With our fleet you will feel the comfort and privacy for your meetings, but not only. We also offer our services for events like weddings, promotions, reception at the airport with maximal style and comfort with a fast and secure quality. Our drivers speak English and Italian. They are professional and specialized according to European requirements and standards. They have a unique uniform and identifiable for the company designed and styled specifically for this service. Our drivers will be recognized by ethics, professionalism and a special wearing composed with hats and white gloves and an embroidered suit by hand.

For each reservation we provide storage of personal data, information and rapidly response to your requests. We are ready to provide service within and outside Tirana.

Our service is 24h/7. With just a phone call or online reservation you can relax knowing that one of our cars will be ready you expect on  time you need with all maximal comfort that this service offers. We are the only company in Albania that operates with real and transparent prices.